November 5, 2014

Emergency Room Mistakes: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 3)

Concluding our three-part blog series Emergency Room Mistakes: 6 Facts to Know, below we will discuss some final facts about this type of malpractice, as well as what options injured people may have when they’ve been the target of emergency room mistakes.

Final Important Facts about Emergency Room Mistakes…

Fact 5 – Hospital conditions may increase the risk of emergency room mistakes. 

After being harmed by any emergency room mistakes, you can trust a Denver malpractice attorney at Cristiano Law to fight for your rights to compensation.

After being harmed by any emergency room mistakes, you can trust a Denver malpractice attorney at Cristiano Law to fight for your rights to compensation.

In some cases, the setting of the hospital itself – as well as the hospital’s protocols and procedures – can contribute to an increased risk of emergency room mistakes. In fact, some of the specific aspects of hospitals and their policies that can lead to more emergency room mistakes occurring can include (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • Understaffing at hospitals
  • Hospitals failing to verify that staff (including ER physicians and nurses) have the appropriate training and experience to work in an ER setting
  • A lack of hospital beds and/or medical equipment necessary for diagnosing and treating serious conditions
  • A lack of safety protocols.

In the event that hospital conditions, policies and/or staff contribute to emergency room mistakes, injured people should be aware that they may have a hospital liability claim – in addition to a malpractice case against a specific medical professional.

In these cases, pursuing legal action against the negligent hospital can be essential to helping injured patients obtain the full amount of compensation they deserve.

Fact 6 – If you’ve been hurt by emergency room mistakes, contact Cristiano Law for superior representation and help getting the compensation you deserve.

Of all of the facts about emergency room mistakes that we’ve pointed out so far, perhaps the single most important fact you should take away from this blog series is this: after being harmed by any emergency room mistakes, you can trust a Denver malpractice attorney at Cristiano Law, LLC to:

  • Fight for your rights
  • Stand up to insurers and corporate lawyers representing negligent hospitals and/or medical professionals
  • Work relentlessly to help you secure the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

Denver Medical Malpractice Lawyer at Cristiano Law, LLC

If you have been injured due to any type of emergency room mistake – or any type of medical malpractice in general, a trusted Denver malpractice attorney at Cristiano Law, LLC is here for you. Ready to put their experience and resources to work for you, all of our experienced lawyers at been dedicated to upholding the belief that the practice of law is a helping profession for more than 33 years.

When you choose the superior legal representation offered by the attorneys at Cristiano Law, LLC, you will be able to trust that your case is being handled with the respect and care it deserves, that it will not be passed off to inexperienced associates and that you will have the best chances of getting both the justice and compensation you deserve.

You Are Invited to an Initial Consult to Learn More…

We welcome people hurt by emergency room mistakes to attend an initial consult with one of our Denver medical malpractice lawyers to learn more about their rights. To set up a meeting with one of our attorneys, call us at (303) 407-1777 or email us using the form on this page. In most cases, these initial consultations are free, and we can get a case started at no cost to our clients.

Evening and weekend appointments are available for your convenience, and our attorneys can commute to your city or town to meet you to ensure that you get the legal help you need wherever you may need it.

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