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Holding negligent businesses accountable for their actions


Denver Legal, Business & Other Malpractice Lawyer

Experienced & trusted representation in securities litigation and arbitration hearings

Economic and financial injuries to the investor, though not life-threatening, can certainly be life-changing, especially for elderly people who are living on fixed incomes and whose quality of life absolutely depends on the trustworthiness of their stockbroker or financial advisor.

When they’ve failed to protect you—we’ll protect your rights. Contact us today.

At Cristiano Law, we represent individuals and businesses in the Denver Metro area and throughout the state of Colorado who have been harmed by the deceitful and unethical actions of brokerage firms, stockbrokers, or financial advisors.

Legal & Business Malpractice Attorney in Denver

Our firm can assist you in securities-related legal concerns involving misconduct such as:
Missing a statue of  limitations or other statutory filing deadlines
Missing court-ordered deadlines
Breach of duty/breach of fiduciary duty
Consumer Protection Act Violation
Fraud and misrepresentation
Conflict of Interest
Once a lawyer agrees to represent a client, he or she has a professional duty to follow minimally acceptable standards of competence and ethics based upon a prospective view of the facts. This does not require perfection, guaranteed success or 20/20 hindsight, but minimum competence, integrity and due diligence. When lawyers fail to uphold those standards, their clients may be entitled to take action against them to recover for any resulting harm or loss.

While legal negligence or “malpractice” claims should never be taken lightly and only pursued in aggravated or well-defined circumstances, Frank Cristiano and the law firm of Cristiano Law, LLC, in Denver, Colorado, accept well-founded legal malpractice claims on a selected basis. While we only take strong, well-founded cases based upon a thorough investigation of the facts, and understand and are sensitive to the trauma of litigation; we pursue the cases we do take vigorously.

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  • I have known Frank for 40 years, so when I needed an attorney his call was the first I made. From the initial meeting to the last his professionalism was exceptional. Throughout the case Frank listened to us, communicated well and explained in detail all available options thus making hard decisions a bit easier. Frank has a true passion for justice while holding the highest ethical standards in every way. The expertise Frank has in his specialities has been acquired through decades of excellent trial work and dedicated legal practice. Should you find the need for an attorney, and you have a righteous case, Frank is one person, possessing both compassion and fortitude, you'll want to stand with you.

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    Denver, CO
  • I worked with Frank Cristiano on a complex case that ran over several years. Frank negotiated a sizable settlement from one defendant and won a jury trial that lasted about one week from another defendant. The case was appealed ending up at the Colorado Supreme Court where the trial court victory was upheld. Needless to say based on this experience, I recommend Frank Cristiano highly.

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    Denver, CO
  • I have been a client of Mr. Frank Cristiano, Esq. for the past 42 years. My son and daughter now are also clients of Mr. Cristiano. He has assisted me in resolving personal and business issues. Looking back on the projects completed, we prevailed on almost 100% of the cases. This is due to Mr. Cristiano's deep understanding of the law, detailed preparation for trial or arbitration, and availability. He has always responded promptly as my issues arose, including working late nights, and weekends. I strongly endorse Mr. Cristiano as a level headed attorney.

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    Greenwood Village, CO
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