October 31, 2014

Emergency Room Mistakes: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 2)

Picking up from where Emergency Room Mistakes: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 1) left off, below we will continue to highlight some important info regarding this prevalent type of medical malpractice.

More Important Info about Emergency Room Mistakes…

Fact 3 – Misdiagnoses are the most common types of emergency room mistakes.

Most emergency room mistakes involve some type of misdiagnosis. Here are some more facts about emergency room mistakes. Call us if you’ve been hurt by this malpractice.

Most emergency room mistakes involve some type of misdiagnosis. Here are some more facts about emergency room mistakes. Call us if you’ve been hurt by this malpractice.

Similar to other medical care settings, in emergency rooms, the most common type of mistakes that are made are those related to diagnosing patients’ conditions, illnesses and impairments. In fact, while making a proper diagnosis can be a challenge in general, this critical step in providing medical care tends to be a far greater problem in emergency rooms because, in these settings, medical professionals are:

  • Under pressure to respond ASAP to patients
  • Generally acting without knowing patients’ complete medical histories
  • Simultaneously providing care to multiple ailing patients.

What all of this ends up meaning for patients is that the significant risk of misdiagnoses in emergency rooms can substantially increase the risk of:

  • Receiving the wrong treatments
  • Conditions or ailments getting progressively worse
  • More involved medical care needed in the future to repair the damage and complications caused by emergency room mistakes.

Fact 4 – While emergency room mistakes often cause unnecessary pain, in the worst cases, people need extra medical intervention to correct the complications caused by these errors.

While pinpointing the causes of emergency room mistakes is crucial, so too is highlighting the severity of the impacts caused by this type of medical malpractice. In some cases, ER errors may end up causing patients pain while forcing them to spend more (and money) in hospitals. In more serious cases, however, the impacts of emergency room mistakes can be far more devastating, as ER errors can end up causing long-term, irreversible and/or deadly complications.

In fact, when people are seeking emergency medical care to treat severe conditions like heart attack, stroke and/or serious infections, emergency room mistakes can end up precluding any chance of recovery for patients.

For our discussion of the final important facts to know about emergency room mistakes, be sure to look for the conclusion to this blog series that will be posted soon!

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