August 6, 2014

When You May Have Been Subject to Insurance Bad Faith: 5 Signs (Pt. 1)

Here are some signs of insurance bad faith that policyholders should know. If you suspect you’ve been subject to bad faith, contact Cristiano Law.
Here are some signs of insurance bad faith that policyholders should know. If you suspect you’ve been subject to bad faith, contact Cristiano Law.

Insurance companies sell policies on the premise of trust, claiming that they will be there for you when you are hurt or your property is damaged in an accident. Unfortunately, however, when it comes time for you to make a claim with your insurer who seemed so trustworthy when you were buying your policy, the reality may end up being that you have to fight with insurance agents to get the payouts you deserve for your claims.

In some cases, insurance companies may even go to unethical – possibly even illegal – measures to try to avoid paying you the full amount of a claim or to try to deny your valid claim altogether. Such practices can be instances of insurance bad faith, and when you are the subject of bad faith:

  • You can sue insurers for their illegal bad faith practices.
  • You can obtain the full amount of compensation you deserve for your claim (and possibly even additional damages, depending on your case).

In this three-part blog, we will highlight some of the most common signs of insurance bad faith that are important for policyholders to know. If you think that your insurance company may have acted in bad faith with your claim or you are currently fighting your insurer over a legitimate claim, contact the Denver insurance dispute attorneys at Cristiano Law today for more info about your rights and case.

Signs of Insurance Bad Faith: When Insurers May Have Acted in Bad Faith

1. When insurance agents claim you don’t have an active policy…

You may be dealing with some bad faith practices. The fact is that you likely have an active policy if:

  • You have been paying your monthly premiums on time.
  • Your insurer has been taking your payments.
  • You have never been notified that your policy has been canceled.

When insurers try to tell you that you don’t have an active policy despite the fact that the above-described circumstances have been met, you may be dealing with a specific type of bad faith practice known as post-claim underwriting. Essentially, this type of bad faith practice involves the illegal cancellation of an active policy after a policyholder has made a claim against that policy.

2. When insurance agents claim your policy doesn’t cover your claim…

Be suspicious… this could be another bad faith tactic to try to deny payment for your valid claim. This type of bad faith practice may be a little trickier to discover, especially if or when policyholders are not completely familiar with the ins and outs of their insurance policy.

Figuring out when insurers may be trying to get out of paying for a valid claim with this type of bad faith practice will involve carefully examining the fine print of a policy (among other actions).

For our continued discussion of signs of insurance bad faith, look for the second and third parts of this blog that will be posted soon!

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