April 2, 2014

Nursing home abuse is, tragically, an all-too-common occurrence, as about 1 in every 10 nursing home residents will be abused at some point during their residency in these facilities (according to the National Center on Elder Abuse, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). 

Emotional withdrawal and new physical injuries are common signs of nursing home abuse. If you suspect this abuse, contact Cristiano Law.

Emotional withdrawal and new physical injuries are common signs of nursing home abuse. If you suspect this abuse, contact Cristiano Law.

While some cases of abuse occur at the hands of nursing home staff members, some instances of abuse occur when residents abuse other residents because staff members are neglecting to properly watch over their charges. In other cases, nursing home abuse may even occur at the hands of the family members (particularly in cases when relatives may have an alcohol or drug addiction problem).

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, here are some common indications that abuse may be occurring. By being vigilant to such signs of nursing home abuse, you can intervene and get your loved one help if you suspect that their health may be in danger as a result of abuse or neglect.

Common signs of nursing home abuse include:

  1. Your loved one having new, unexplainable physical injuries – New bruising, cuts, sores or even broken bones can be immediate red flags that some type of abuse or neglect is occurring. For instance, while bruising around a resident’s wrists and/or ankles can indicate that a nursing home staff member may be improperly restraining your loved one, physical injuries like broken bones can be a sign that neglect has led to a serious fall or even an assault by another resident.When you notice new physical injuries on your loved one and your loved one is unable to explain the causes of these injuries, make sure you also ask nursing home staff about what happened. If staff don’t have answers for you (or seem to be lying to you), it’s time to take action and report your concerns.

Our upcoming second part of this blog will continue this discussion of some of the most common warning signs of nursing home abuse that families need to be alert to if their loves reside in these facilities.

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