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Economic and financial injuries to the investor, though not life-threatening, can certainly be life-changing, especially for elderly people who are living on fixed incomes and whose quality of life absolutely depends on the trustworthiness of their stockbroker or financial advisor.

If you suspect that you or an elderly relative is being taken advantage of by their broker or fiduciary, it is important that you contact a knowledgeable Colorado securities fraud lawyer to protect your rights and the rights of other investors who may also suffer from such misconduct.

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At Cristiano Law, we represent individuals and businesses in the Denver Metro area and throughout the state of Colorado who have been harmed by the deceitful and unethical actions of brokerage firms, stockbrokers, or financial advisors.

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Our firm can assist you in securities-related legal concerns involving misconduct such as:

The account agreement signed at the beginning of the financial relationship typically requires arbitration to resolve disputes. We represent clients in NASD arbitration hearings and, in cases where no such arbitration clause exists, we are not afraid to pursue these claims in court.

Whether your 401k plan or annuity was decimated by inappropriate or an elderly relative’s life savings were lost in a pump-and-dump scam, our firm has the experience and skill in these matters to help protect your rights and work for the return of valuable investment dollars.

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