October 8, 2014

Diagnostic Errors and Malpractice Cases: FAQs (Pt. 2)

Continuing from where Diagnostic Errors and Malpractice Cases: FAQs (Pt. 1) left off, here are some more answers to common questions about diagnostic errors cases.

Q – What type of compensation can I expect from my malpractice case?

Have questions about the liability, compensation or time frames for diagnostic errors cases? If so, check out these diagnostic errors and malpractice FAQs. Or call us.
Have questions about the liability, compensation or time frames for diagnostic errors cases? If so, check out these diagnostic errors and malpractice FAQs. Or call us.

A – Various types of compensation, with the specific types and amount of compensation hinging on the details of your case. In particular, compensation for these types of malpractice lawsuits can include awards for

  • Your doctors’ bills related to the proper diagnosis and treatment of your condition
  • Your lost wages for any time you’ve missed work due to your injuries
  • Any permanent impairments and/or impacts to your quality of life due to the diagnostic error complications.

There can be other types of awards in these cases as well; for instance, in some cases, requesting punitive damages may be an option. To get more details about compensation for your medical malpractice claim, contact a Denver malpractice attorney at Cristiano Law, LLC today.

Q – Is hospital liability a factor in my diagnostic errors malpractice case?

A – Possibly. Hospital liability may be a factor in your case if:

  • The diagnostic test you underwent was provided at a hospital and/or by a staff member of the hospital (like a radiologist, etc.).
  • The treatments you have received as a result of the misdiagnosis were provided by a hospital and/or a hospital employee.

There may be other circumstances in which hospital liability is a factor in diagnostic errors cases, so it’s best to consult with a Denver malpractice attorney at Cristiano Law, LLC for more specific info about your case. Knowing when hospital liability is an issue can increase the value of a case while also likely complicating the road to a successful resolution.

Q – How long will it take to resolve my diagnostic errors case?

A – Again, this depends on the specific details of a given case. The fact is that various aspects of a case could make it more or less complicated and, as a result, impact how long it takes to resolve a malpractice case. Some of these factors may include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • The details of the alleged diagnostic error – Different types of diagnostic mistakes may be more or less complicated to explain in court; therefore, this aspect will inherently vary from case to case.
  • Whether one or multiple medical professionals is alleged to have acted negligently – The more defendants there are in a case, the more complicated that case may become (especially when each defendant has his own different insurance company).
  • The nature of the complications caused by the diagnostic errors – The more severe or unique the complications are in a given case, the more complex a case will likely be (as there may need to be expert witnesses, etc. to elucidate this element of the case).
  • Whether a hospital, clinic or other medical facility is named as a defendant in the case – If so, the case will likely become more complicated and lengthier.

The bottom line is that you should:

  • Expect it to take some time to resolve these cases
  • Consult with the attorneys at Cristiano Law, LLC for more specific answers pertaining to your situation and case.

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