Responsibilities of Property Owners

Have you or a loved one been injured slipping on ice on a sidewalk or street while entering or leaving a business. Maybe it was a fall due to water inside a store. A fall on ice is one of the major causes of injury to people, especially the elderly and disabled. Many people think that with all the snow we have had in the last month, if they slip and fall on ice they have no rights. They think the property owner can avoid responsibility and avoid having to pay for medical bills and for the pain and suffering caused by the fall. This may not be the case. You need to consult with attorneys with expertise in cases involving injuries resulting from ice and snow related falls. The lawyers at Cristiano Law LLC have experience in hundreds of cases involving injury resulting from slip and fall cases. We offer a free consultation by phone or e-mail to discuss your case. Let an experienced attorney hear your story. If there is liability on the part of the property owner, our lawyers will work to get your medical bills paid and compensation for your pain and suffering. We may be able to find you a doctor to help you feel better. Talk to an experienced attorney today.