Bed Sores and Pressure Ulcer Lawsuits

Pressure ulcers, which may also be called bed sores or decubitus ulcers, are skin wounds that develop when persisting pressure is placed on a specific area of the body. While this damage tends to arise on bonier parts of the body (such as along the spine, at the hips and at the elbows or ankles), bed sores can develop on any part of the body, particularly when people have sensitive or fragile skin.

At Cristiano Law, LLC, our Denver nursing home abuse attorneys are skilled at proving when abuse and neglect has caused people to suffer pressure ulcers.

At Cristiano Law, LLC, our Denver nursing home abuse attorneys are skilled at proving when abuse and neglect has caused people to suffer pressure ulcers.

When pressure ulcers develop on nursing home residents, they can be an indication that people are being abused or neglected in these facilities. As a result, families who notice bed sores on their loved ones in nursing homes should:

Our lawyers are dedicated to helping injured people and their families hold abusers accountable, and we will work diligently to help survivors of nursing home abuse and neglect get the justice and compensation they deserve.

Symptoms of Pressure Ulcers

Indications that a nursing home resident may have developed bed sores include symptoms such as:

The proper treatment for pressure ulcers will depend on how advanced these injuries are, as well as whether they have given rise to additional infections. However, in many cases, people will be given antibacterial medications, may undergo surgery and/or may be prescribed additional therapies to treat these wounds.

How Negligence Can Contribute to Bed Sores

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 in every 10 nursing home residents in the U.S. is currently suffering from bed sores. Although any number of different factors can cause these injuries, some specific examples of cases in which neglect or abuse may contribute to pressure ulcers include when nursing home staff fail to:

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