May 30, 2014

6 Facts to Know about Insurance Bad Faith Practices (Pt. 3)

In conclusion to 6 Facts to Know about Insurance Bad Faith Practices, here are some final important facts that policyholder should be aware of when it comes to their rights and insurance bad faith practices. If you believe that your insurer has acted in bad faith with your claim, the Denver insurance dispute attorneys at Cristiano Law are ready to meet with you to discuss your case.

The most important fact to know about insurance bad faith is that you can trust Cristiano Law to fight for your rights when you’ve been the victim of bad faith practices.
The most important fact to know about insurance bad faith is that you can trust Cristiano Law to fight for your rights when you’ve been the victim of bad faith practices.

Fact 5: Punitive damages can be requested in insurance bad faith cases.

Punitive damages refer to monetary awards that defendants can be ordered to pay as way to punish them for their deceptive, unethical and/or illegal actions. For bad faith cases, this means that, if plaintiffs (i.e., policyholders) request and are granted punitive damages, their compensation in these cases can be exponentially greater than they otherwise would have been.

What this also means is that even the possibility of punitive damages in these cases can compel insurers to offer fair (or more than fair) settlements to policyholders who have been victimized by their bad faith practices.

However, because insurers and their attorneys will fight vigorously (and, at times, viciously) to protect their money and resist paying policyholders, it’s critical that these people work with skilled attorneys who are experienced at going up against insurers and their lawyers in any necessary legal setting.

Fact 6: Working with the attorneys at Cristiano Law will give you the best chances of successfully going up against insurers after they have acted in bad faith.

The single more important fact that policyholders should know about insurance bad faith is that, when they believe that they have been the subject of bad faith practices, they can trust the attorneys at Cristiano law to fight for their rights and help them get the payouts they likely deserve.

Dealing with insurers is notoriously challenging, and the Denver insurance dispute attorneys are adept at successfully resolving bad faith cases for our clients.

Denver Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers at Cristiano Law, LLC

If you are fighting with an insurer over a valid claim or your insurer has recently unfairly denied your legitimate claim, the Denver insurance bad faith attorneys at Cristiano Law, LLC are ready to put their experience and resources to work for you.

For more than three decades, our skilled and trusted lawyers have been upholding the belief that the practice of law is a helping profession. As a result, they have been firmly committed to providing people who have been hurt by the careless, indifferent or deceitful actions of others the highest quality of legal services.

When you choose the superior legal representation offered by the attorneys at Cristiano Law, LLC, you will be able to trust that your case is being handled with the respect and care it deserves, that it will not be passed off to inexperienced associates and that you will have the best chances of getting both the justice and compensation you deserve.

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